Why do people wear gold?

As someone who wears lots of gold jewelry, I got thinking about who wears gold and who doesn’t.

There are certain industries in which gold has been a hallmark of products or services for ages, and businesses know that them gold rate is being seen.

But have you ever considered why people wear gold jewelry?

The gold diadem of Kings and Queens

If you google ‘who wears gold’, you’ll get 1.2 million results, the majority of which are precious metal jeweler. This makes it easy to see why the demand for it is high.

Some industries that have had a long history of using gold include royalty, religion and the military.

The first reference to gold jewelry dates back to A.D. 47 (second century).

In that year, Roman law stated that gold could be worn by slaves and freemen to mark their ownership.

In fact, the jewelry worn by royalty – mainly the diadem – has always been of the highest quality.

These are extremely heavy and created from gold. The weight of gold prevents it from tarnishing or chipping check the 18 carat gold.

The material can be made to be as soft and supple as a serpent’s skin, but harder than steel.

Their jewelry include torques, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, and in Europe, rings are generally worn only on special occasions.

Highly skilled craftsmen were employed to create these items from the most expensive metals.

The diadem, or crown, is the ultimate sign of kingship. It was worn by Greek, Roman and Egyptian kings and emperors for public ceremonies.

Over time, other types of jewelry were worn, and the draping of the diadem over the body was abandoned because it could become unbalanced.

Kings, emperors and governors of city states, or any king as far as Egypt is concerned, may also wear a tiara of precious metals, with large stones or gems placed on it.

Romans also favored gold, but what has come to be known as the Roman diadem, was not quite as ornate or elaborate as the Greek crown.

Both gold and silver were used, though with the Greeks and Romans, the stones were larger and the gold and silver more richly decorated.

For example, the obverse (front) of the golden diadem of Marcus Aurelius, the last Roman Emperor, had 488 round and pear-shaped pearls.

Another example is the largest gold jewelry known from antiquity, the Imperial Diadem of Amenhotep III, an Egyptian King of the 18th dynasty.

This great ornament had over 2,000 small precious stones on it, many of which have been identified.

It had been made in the first century BC and was discovered in an Egyptian temple in 1907.

These elaborate crowns and diadems were not only used to mark the wearer’s status and power, but also to convey the history of the monarchy.You can check the oil prices as well on this oilpricez.com there you will get the real-time prices which you have never seen before.

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