Liverpool’s Manager

As Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Manager, said to BBC News that If he is a manager and failed to win the English Premier League’s trophy, he might be resigned. I don’t like ข่าวลิเวอร์พูล Mourinho’s behavior and I am a fan also. But, I agree with Mourinho’s opinion because Liverpool never win this trophy since this league had been changed the name “Division 1” to “Premier League”. It doesn’t matter if Liverpool is just a small team which went up to this league in just a fews year but Liverpool is a big one team in this league and has a long history. So, he should focus in every game in this league too. He obviously wants just UEFA Champion’s League and he did it well.

But this season is not easy because while Liverpool is confused about their system, Chelsea and Manchester United is very strong the both attacking and defending. I think it is very risk about Liverpool’s way to success in any trophy this season. I think Rafael Benitez is too much self-confidence. His opinion to use rotation system had effected to the understanding of his players and also effected to the result in every game.

However, I think Rafael Benitez should changes his vision, opinion, attitude and strategy to manage Liverpool. It will be better for sure if he rearrange the system. For example, Liverpool’s midfielder Xabi Alonso he has just a simple trick. When he possesses the ball, he always cross to the striker. It should be something more, something that can produce more chances.

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