Hong Kong Visa Utility

Our suite of expertise solutions consists of the instruments you have to maintain your organization and your employees compliant with all immigration requirements associated to their international assignments. The type of work visa wanted for business journey to Hong Kong is decided by length of stay, country of origin, and kinds of activities the worker intends on endeavor in Hong Kong, which is formally a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Successful applicants will usually be granted an initial keep of two years on employment situation upon entry, with two subsequent extensions of three years.

ASMTP and QMAS goal to draw qualified professionals or highly skilled/talented individuals from the Mainland as well as abroad for QMAS to work or settle in Hong Kong, while the IANG scheme targets non-local graduates who have obtained an undergraduate or greater qualification in a full-time and locally-accredited native programme in Hong Kong. Those who do usually are not allowed to make use of their Taiwan passports for entry and as a substitute should go to Hong Kong on the strength of their other passports. This article is concerning the visa coverage of the Hong Kong SAR of the People’s Republic of China. After seven years of steady strange residence, entrants and their dependants could apply for Hong Kong permanent resident standing in accordance with the legislation. Successful entrants might bring in their partner and single dependent kids under the age of 18 to Hong Kong.

You could check with the Guidebook for Entry for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong ID 991 or ID 991 for the requisite supporting documents. the sponsor is ready to support the dependant’s residing at a standard nicely above the subsistence stage and supply him/her with suitable accommodation within the HKSAR.

Chinese nationals with hukou in Mainland China are required to obtain an entry permit from the Public Security Bureau for any kind of visit to Hong Kong (Two-way Permit required for brief visits and long visits, or One-way Permit for settlement), as nicely as an entry endorsement for the purpose of journey. Nationals of the next nations in addition to Macau permanent residents can enter Hong Kong without a visa for tourism or business-related purposes. They are prohibited from taking on employment or examine in the territory, or from “establishing or becoming a member of in any enterprise”. The final provision implies that non-residents might not begin working a enterprise while asmtp visa in Hong Kong, and thus will be refused permission for enterprise registration by the Inland Revenue Department until it can be proven that the enterprise started operation while they were outside of Hong Kong. However, the Companies Registry permits non-residents to incorporate limited legal responsibility corporations and to be appointed as company administrators . There have to be a genuine job vacancy and the applicant should have a confirmed offer of employment in a job related to his academic skills or work experience that cannot be readily taken up by the local work pressure.

Consequently, coming into Hong Kong from mainland China or Macau requires passing through immigration checkpoints of mainland China or Macau. Whilst Macau residents have visa-free access for short visits to Hong Kong, Mainland residents should acquire a Two-way Permit with the suitable exit endorsement from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security earlier than visiting Hong Kong. For the IANG visa, non-local graduate candidates who submit purposes to the HKID within six months of the date of their graduation are categorized as ‘non-local contemporary graduates’.

If they do not meet the experience and income criteria, they could be eligible for a three-year extension. Most importantly, top-tier GEP professionals , ASMTP and QMAS visa holders could additionally be eligible for a new six-year extension of stick with no extra circumstances on the visa. In addition to the recentsuspension of the Capital Investment Scheme, Hong Kong has announcedplansto increase the allowable length of stay for General Employment Policy , Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals and Quality Migrant Admission Scheme visa holders.

The Immigration Department may be very strict about visa overstays and you might be fined or even incarcerated earlier than being deported, particularly for lengthy overstays. The working vacation visa provides guests the added benefit of with the flexibility to discover work while staying in Hong Kong, but each nation has its personal pointers, quotas, and restrictions. Dependent visas are additionally complete discretionary and the ultimate decision rests with the Director of Immigration.

The ASMTP welcomes Mainland Chinese nationals who usually are not graduates of an area Hong Kong college however possess particular skills, information or expertise not readily available in Hong Kong. After the applicant has successfully registered for PAR, she or he must print out the “Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Taiwan Residents” and carry it when boarding the flight to Hong Kong. The applicant’s Taiwan passport is then inspected, together with the notification slip, by an immigration officer. Each PAR is valid for two months from the day of registration and good for two journeys to Hong Kong.